Have you ever had a hard time finding the right under eye products?  I know I have! As a makeup artist, this is one of the key components to having concealers set well on a client’s skin. Whether it is for dark circles or hydration, this week I am sharing some of the top rated under eye products with you.

First, what is an eye cream and why do you need one?

Some people think eye creams are just moisturizers produced in smaller packaging to add another thing to their skin regimen. However, because of the targeted area, most eye creams will be thicker, containing a higher amount of concentrated ingredients and less water.


Second, what ingredients should you look for?

Depending on what your goals are the key ingredients might differ for you but here are some of my favorite ingredients to have in my eye creams:

1. Caffeine 

2. Retinol 

3. Hyaluronic acid

Make sure you always check the ingredient list. Here are some of my top rated suggestions linked below!

I hope these helped you narrow down your next eye cream selection <3