Beginner Halloween Makeup

Spooky Season is here and to kick off October I'm starting out with a beginner Halloween makeup tutorial!

Deciding what to be for Halloween is always a fun process for me and I always love adding in some makeup details to any idea to give it a little something extra!

For this look we are doing some Deer/Bambi makeup.
Bonus points if you get to dress up with a hunter as your other half!


Start by applying your normal base/foundation and eyebrows.

Next grab any brown eye shadow, work that into your crease. Then we are taking a concealer or eyeshadow primer to cover the eyelid, this creates a “cut crease” eye shadow look, this part is a little tricky but you can do it!

Then add some white eye shadow on the inner corner and tan on the outer corner.


Now the fun part… EYE LINER. Don’t worry, you got this. Take a white cream liner on the bottom lash line. After that grab a black liquid liner, create a “new lash line” under the white liner you just laid down and WING IT OUT.

I suggest setting all your creams with powder, they last longer and the blurred lines create nice shadow details on your face.

Next we are adding in an “extreme contour” to create our deer face. Then blend it out!


Add a black button nose, some white fawn spots, lashes and you’re GOOD TO GO!
I paired my makeup look with two buns (for ears) and a tan sweater. You could go the extra mile and grab some antlers to complete the look!
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