Viral Makeup Products You Should Try

November 27, 2022

Ever wonder how and why certain makeup products get so popular? Well, the ‘Viral Makeup Product’ video trends have been living rent free on my…

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Outfit Inspiration For Taylor Swift’s ERAs Tour

November 20, 2022

The talk of the town this past week was getting tickets to Taylor Swift’s “The ERAS” US Tour. If you were a lucky Swifty who…

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Makeup Primers

November 13, 2022

Have you ever started your makeup and things just aren’t layering right? Your primer and your foundation are just NOT cooperating! What does your primer…

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The Truth About Hair Treatments

November 6, 2022

As a hair stylist, some of the main things I see clients wanting to skip out on are trims, treatments, and professional products. Now, I’ve…

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Fall Fashion Favorites

October 30, 2022

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my fall favorites but this week is a style edition. I always like to add a few new…

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Gift Ideas

November 30, 2022

I’m sure your kids have given you their Christmas lists already and if they are anything like our kids there are things on there that…

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Holiday Charities

November 23, 2022

The holidays are here. We as parents are stressing out about fulfilling our kids Christmas lists while trying to balance our finances. I think this…

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Social Media

November 16, 2022

In the world we live in today social media has become a standard of everyday life. Kids are ranking their coolness on how many followers…

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Picking Battles

November 9, 2022

I know you have heard the phrase “pick and choose your battles” before. Who knew that it would apply so much to parenting. I feel…

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Family Get Togethers

November 2, 2022

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is upon us. That means a lot of us are running around between all the family…

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