Hey! I'm Meg Ann Lee and this week we are talking about shopping... but for a cause!

Lately, I have just been so bummed out about certain companies' ethical standards, clothing quality and just wearing things that everyone else has. So, I am sharing an under the radar clothing company that gives back to society in a major way.


CHNGE Clothing

CHNGE came up as an AD while I was mid doom scroll on Instagram and I’m so glad it did! I clicked on it first because I was impressed with their artistic prints and once I got onto their website, I was even more impressed with all of the ethically focused systems they have.

This company is committed to producing high quality products and working with manufacturing partners who are passionate for both the planet and the people in their factories.

CHNGE is operated as a “Fairtrade Factory”, meaning, there is no forced labor, they offer fair wages and the right to form trade unions. Their employees are guaranteed a “livable wage” that is aligned to local costs of food, housing, and healthcare.

Over 98% of all water used during dying is recycled. The products are GOTS Certified and the business is Climate Neutral Certified. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. You can read more about being Climate Neutral Certification HERE.

Not only does CHNGE make cool clothing in an ethical way but they focus on spreading awareness on current social issues that are happening right now in our world. Care about deforestation? There’s a shirt for that. Care about mental health awareness? There's a shirt for that!

 I hope this inspires you to expand your shopping and think deeper about how we vote with our dollar <3

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