Halloween season is coming to an end. I'm sure your kids received mountains of candy. How do you keep them for eating it all so fast? Here's some simple ideas to use your kids' Halloween candy and keep them from gorging.

Make a Reward Bucket

Put the candy in a bucket and when they complete a chore or do something that deserves a treat let them pick out a few pieces! It's a simple, yet effective way to make them behave while also keeping them from getting themselves sick by eating too much candy.


Bake With It

Make a fun activity of baking with the candy! You can use the chocolate to put in cookies and the hard candies to put on top of some cupcakes! It can be a fun activity to put all that candy to good use.




Make Gourmet Popcorn

Mix those milk duds in with your popcorn for movie nights! I learned this trick from the guy who owned the old video store by my house when I was a kid. It creates a delicious sweet and salty mixture.


milk duds

Add them to School Lunch

The weeks after Halloween were always the best when I was a kid because my mom would stick Halloween candy in my school lunch! Your kids will LOVE it!

Freeze It

Choose some candy to freeze to save for gingerbread houses or to bring out during the upcoming holidays! It's so much better than being wasteful and throwing it in the trash.



I hope you had a fantastic Halloween and this gives you some ideas on how to use all that candy!


<3 Bri