If you are anything like me you’ve been extra relaxed with your looks this year. Working from home, virtual school schedules and the lack of social gatherings really have us all taking a step back from our fancy attire.

If you are working from home and have decided to keep your glam makeup on point and your style hasn't waivered, props to you and your dedication but as Drake once said “Sweat pants, hair tied chillin with no makeup on, that's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong."

That is my aesthetic for 2020.

However, during this holiday season, Zoom calls will be made, small gatherings will take place, pictures will be taken and I’d like to look back on the 2020 holiday season as if I had my shit together. An easy way to achieve that is to have your hair styled, so here is my go to Holiday Hair for 2020


If you’ve been on social media during 2020, I think you have seen that wavy hair is THE THING. Creating movement in your hair style shows off your color, cut and still looks great three glasses of wine later with just a hair flip.
If you’re an older millennial you will probably know how to do this because this is the second time this trend has come around in our lifetime.

Wavers or Three Barrel curling irons come in all shapes, sizes and price points. The smaller the barrel the more "80s" the crimp/wave will look. The waver I'm using in the tutorial is a 32mm, this is my favorite size because I prefer a larger more relaxed wave but to each their own!

I recommend starting your style with a heat protectant ALWAYS. Then after you are done with your tool add in some dry shampoo for texture and volume at your root, a smoothing hair oil through your ends for shine and finish with a flexible hairspray.

A few of my other favorite ways to style my hair are a classic high bun, a top knot and of course anything involving some clip in extensions. Check out my other hair tutorials below!

More Hair Tutorials

Here is an easy tutorial to follow with some of my favorite styling products and great hot tool options for you in your hair routine <3