When Beyonce said "I woke up like this" I just KNOW she was referring to lash extensions.

Waking up with long luscious lashes changes your outlook in the morning. You’re ready to take on the world or at least throw on a blazer and make it to that 8am zoom meeting (pants optional).

While lashes do make you feel effortlessly glam, what’s the real deal? Is there a catch? There are so many misconceptions and myths about lash extensions, so I decided to try them out for myself.
Here is my experience.

I got the opportunity to check out The Rose Room downtown Eau Claire for a full set of lashes. Walking into the Rose Room, I’m met by Amber and I immediately see the “Treat Yo’ Self ” neon sign.


Amber greeted me and we got chatting about lash styles; if you didn’t know, there are many different styles. Your lash artist can help pick the right one for your eye shape and the look you are wanting to achieve.

Let me just say bigger is not always better.

Here are a few things to remember if you decide to go for it!

Go to your appointment with a clean, makeup free face. Ask your lash artist questions about their products and their training. As a consumer you always must do your own research before booking with a service provider. Expect for your first lash session to be the longest with your lash fill appointments being shorter. It’s normal to have daily shedding and that’s why you will need fills.

Everything takes maintenance. Your car, your hair, your body and just like those things your lashes need daily attention and fills every 2-4 weeks.

So, if you ever wake up from sleeping on your face with yesterday's mascara stuck to your cheek, surrounded by half eaten chicken nuggets, your lash extensions will last you about as long as Britney Spears’ marriage to Jason ‘whatever is name is’ (55 hours).

Lashes provide you instant glam with no effort. No makeup, no problem. Actually it’s better if you don’t wear any eye makeup in my opinion. If you are a gal who likes a minimal makeup routine and a natural fresh face look, this service is for you.
I LOVED my extensions. I will 100% be going back to get more in the future. I personally do a lot of different eye makeup looks so lash extensions fit best into my life for special events and vacations .

This service is for sure a luxury service and with any luxury service comes a price tag but if you got it like that, lashes are a great way to
‘Treat Yo’ Self’!

Click the Link below to check out all of the services The Rose Room offers and let Amber know I sent you for a special offer with your first lash set!

The Rose Room