Brow trends have been ever evolving for the last century. The dark, skinny brow was a statement during prohibition. Shaving and drawing brows back on was demonstrated perfectly by Sophia Loren, over her Iconic cat-eye, in the 1960s. We can’t all have brows like the Levys' from Schitts Creek but we can create brows we love!

There are many brow treatments from tinting to threading to microblading and they are all great because today we live in a melting pot of brow trends. However, one new technique has emerged. Let me introduce you to BROW LAMINATION.

What is brow lamination?
It's basically a perm for your eyebrows! The process changes the bonds in your hair so that you can manipulate the hair in different directions. It makes it simple to change the shape and style of your brows. My brow lamination lasts about 4-8 weeks and as new brow hair grows in the laminated brow hairs shed. I pair mine with a tinted brow gel and my brows are top notch!

Where to get it done?
If you are wondering about lamination you have two options: call your local brow expert or DIY it.
If you are doubting your DIY skills, just go to a professional. It will be fun and a relaxing treat for yourself!

If you want to do it yourself, here are my tips!
Make sure you read all the directions and follow them exactly. These are chemicals, it’s by your eyes and it is being applied on to thin skin so BE CAREFUL.

I love the Elevate the Beauty kits. They are easy and effective!

Here is a quick video of me doing my own brow lamination with the Elevate the Beauty kit!

My overall review is this is a great additional treatment to try out if your looking for new brow shape or style. Changing your brow routine changes your face, trying new shape might make you feel like a whole new you! <3