Do you ever watch makeup gurus and wonder HOW these people can change their eye shape or their face shape? Well, you are not alone.

Makeup trends over the years have always interested me. Society focuses on a particular shape or style, label it as “beautiful” and we all strive to recreate it on our own. We see this a lot when comparing standards of beauty across the world in different cultures.

I’ve been wearing a winged eyeliner since I started wearing makeup because that’s how my mom wore hers, but since getting into professional makeup I learned you can change facial features by creating different shapes on the face. It comes down to adding and subtracting light on a surface and you can contour ANYTHING.

I’ve put together a quick eyeliner tutorial for three ways to do a winged liner: a liner look for hooded eyes, a winged "fox eye" liner look and also a liner option for a more round eye effect (aka that “eye bag “ trend on Tiktok but better.)

To recreate these liner looks I would recommend getting a fine tipped eye liner pen or brush because it’s all in the details!
Here are a few of my favorite eye liners for you to check out:

Wet'n Wild MegaLINER
NYX Epic Wear
Tarte Double Take
KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner

No matter your natural eye shape you can alter it slightly by adding shadows, highlighting and contouring in different places. You can create an eye illusion or enhance your natural eye shape. That’s the beauty of makeup you can wear anything that you feel confident in <3