It's Easter weekend and time to show off some new hair styles!

I remember when I was younger getting a new dress, wearing tights and shiny shoes. My hair would be in curls or a braid with a big bow.

6 year old me was flexin' on Easter.



Easter meant Winter was over and Spring had arrived!

I would start my Easter by waking up early to hunt around the house for my Easter basket and then spending time with extended family while eating a big meal. As an adult my Easter weekend looks nothing like this anymore. However, I still like to put on a new outfit and do my hair!
So this week I’m sharing a couple hair tutorials for you to try during your weekend celebration!

Short hair “Bubble Braid Headband”
Long hair “ Twisted Bubble Braid”

What you will need:
Dry Shampoo for texture
Hair spray
Clear rubber bands
Hair clip or accessorie (optional)


There are so many different ways to create cool hair designs with ponytails and a little styling. Let me know if you guys try out some new ponytail hair styles this weekend<3