Music is great! There’s nothing better than chilling out to some sweet tunes.

The only downside: you can only listen to one song at a time! And to make matters worse, there are so many songs that I haven’t heard yet. I simply don’t have the time to listen to them all!

Thankfully, I have stumbled upon a new (to me) invention: mash-ups! Now, you can listen to two songs in half the time. Most interesting of all is that they do not even need to be in the same genre. In honor of this most recent discovery, here are some mashups I have really enjoyed listening to:

Slipknot used to scare me with their outrageous costumes and heavy music. But when combined with the upbeat Spice Girls, I cant get enough!

Enter Sandman takes on a whole new tone when combined with Huey Lewis!

Though this mashup doesn’t work quite as well as the others, i can’t help but be impressed by how much more happy sounding the generally brooding Nine Inch Nails sounds when combined with the good people of Lipps Inc.

What are some of your favorite mashups?

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