The holiday season may have ended months ago, but for many movie fans around the world, May 4th warrants cause for celebration. That is because today is Star Wars Day, celebrated on this day due to having a similar sounding well-known Star Wars catchphrase (“May the force…”, “May the fourth…”; get it?).

In the past 5 or so years, Disney (which owns Star Wars) has embraced this informal holiday, choosing May 4th as a day to release to the world all sorts of news and developments related to the Star Wars universe.

This year is no exception. However, in relaying news of a new live attraction at Walt Disney Resort, fans paid particularly close attention to one detail of the teaser video:

No, that was not CGI: that was, in fact, a real lightsaber! Finally, after all of these years, my prayers have been answered!

For those of you curious how it works, here is a helpful thread from developer Ben Ridout:

While it may not be able to cut through walls (bummer), this new invention is a far cry from the toy lightsabers I grew up with as a child. Disney has not yet said when, or even if, these new lightsabers will be made available to the public. However, when they are publicly available, you better believe I will be contacting my older brother for the rematch of the century…

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