Before Facebook, before Instagram, before Twitter, one social media website flew higher than all the others (honestly, not bad for a flightless animal)…

I am, of course, talking about Club Penguin!

Club Penguin is once again back in the public discourse (or maybe it never left?) after Twitter users suggest that, like one’s Zodiac sign, your pre-teen social media website of choice is a tell-tale sign of your personality:

Now what exactly does it say about your personality? The details are a little murky. However, many Twitter users seized the opportunity for nostalgic purposes, bringing up other social media websites that conspicuously did not make the list:

As a Poptropica fan in my youth, I am glad to see that it received a shout out (I wasn’t allowed to be on Club Penguin…THANKS MOM AND DAD!!)

However, I was a frequent user on Neopets (which reminds me, I haven’t fed my Neopet in a while)…

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