After a long day of driving, nothing feels better than stopping to get a quick bite on the road. Sure, you could stop at just about any local establishment for a fast, satisfying meal. But personally, at times like these, nothing hits the spot more than a gas station snack.

Whether it be a hot dog that’s been rolling underneath a hot lamp since the early morning, or a cold burger that you need to hit up in the microwave before consuming, food from the gas station just really does it for me. And I am not the only one who shares this (correct) opinion!

The good people at put together a list of all the best gas station snacks by state, and boy are there are some mouth watering options on this list. Some folks on Twitter even had their own choices to add to the mix:

What these snacks may be lacking in nutritional value, they definitely make up for in flavor!

Which snack would you like to have seen represented on this list?

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