On Sunday, June 6th, the nation gathered around to watch one of the most anticipated boxing matches of all time. The exhibition match, billed as “Bragging Rights”, featured Floyd Mayweather, world champion boxer, versus internet celebrity Logan Paul.

The fight, which lasted 8 rounds and did not have a declared winner, reportedly ended in boos. However, don’t feel too bad for our competitors: they both ended up walking away millions of dollars richer. Not only that, but they helped make an additional $50 million from pay-per-view.

In the 8 rounds, Floyd Mayweather managed to throw 43 punches compared to Logan Pauls’ 28, which ended up making for an interesting money per punch math problem:

Not a bad day at the office! Clearly, I chose the wrong profession…

To be honest, I did not anticipate that Floyd Mayweather would win, not because he isn’t talented enough, but because he is just so overpowered compared to the YouTuber. I have to hand it to Logan Paul though, he did a lot better than I thought he would.

This makes me wonder: since the payoff was so great, will we expect to see more celebrity boxing matches in the coming years? It seems like people are eager to for over money to see lower-tier celebrities duke it out on live television (myself included). Already, basketball player Lamar Odom and former teen heartthrob Aaron Carter are set to spar on Friday, June 11th. Based on this most recent development, my guess is an enthusiastic YES!

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