To quote one of the most prominent poets and intellectuals of our time: “Everybody makes mistakes/everybody has those days/everybody knows what I am talking about/everybody gets that way” – Hannah Montana.

Yes, everyone knows that to err is to be human, but for some reason, making mistakes at work can make you feel like the world is coming to end (boy do I know that feeling – I have made many a mistake in my working days).

Thankfully, the mistake is always never as bad as it seems in your head, and companies are (usually) very forgiving of “work oopsies”.

It’s refreshing to see that, based on a tweet from HBO Max about a recent mass email mistake, even big companies are willing to forgive beginner mistakes:

This revelation on the part of HBO Max prompted other Twitter users to share their own professional mishaps in solidarity with “the intern”, and the results are downright hilarious:

So it just goes to show you: accidents happen, and your employers are more willing to forgive than you might think. Mistakes are great learning opportunities! Just try to avoid them as much as possible…

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