Dating shows have been experiencing something of a renaissance in the past year, with the genre seeing a dramatic increase in viewership, according to advertising and data company PeerLogix.

And what’s not to like about that? Dating shows are very fun and full of drama, making for a very entertaining evening of television. But is the old maxim true: can too much of a good thing be…bad?

Enter Sexy Beasts, the newest Netflix dating show where contestants go on a series of blind dates. The twist? Well, rather than me tell you, it might best to show you?


When I first saw the trailer for this show, I thought to myself, ‘Surely this must be a joke’. And it seems like I am not the only one to have had this reaction:

We’re bound to see quite a few strange characters on this show. However, one seems conspicuously absent from the trailer:

Better luck next season, A&W Bear :'(

Fast food mascots or no, you can count on one thing: I will be tuning in every week!

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