When going to a high-profile event, it’s important that you get the dress code perfect. Sticking out like a sore thumb can result in some unseemly reactions, either in person or online. That goes double for when you are coordinating with other people you are working with.

Such is the case with the main cast of The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson’s latest film, and their appearance at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival:

One might argue that the cast did stick to a theme for their appearance at the prestigious film festival (that theme apparently being “chaos”). And to be fair, Wes Anderson’s films are notable for their quirky design motifs. However, the wardrobe choices really run the gamot.

Needless to say, like a lot of things Bill Murray is involved with, the picture of the three main stars with the director has been receiving the meme treatment as of late. Here are some of the best memes so far:

One for the intellectuals:

And finally, a great take for the gamers:

Let this be a lesson to you all: if you plan on hitting the town, make sure your attire is consistent with the tone of the event. Otherwise, you might just become the next viral meme…

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