I love roller coasters of all kinds! Fast ones, slow ones, ones with loop de loops, you name it! However, the one amusement park I cannot jibe with is the slingshot.
You know what I’m talking about: the ride where you sit in a chair attached to a giant rubber band that sends you tumbling skyward at incredible speeds. For me, it’s just too freewheeling and dangerous.
And after what happened to a New Jersey teen on one of these rides, I am most certainly not alone in my hatred of these rides (although, as you’ll see in the video below, for vastly different reasons):

Yeah…I wouldn’t care for that one bit.
Thankfully, the New Jersey teen suffered no injuries, save for a few scratches. The only potential injuries may be to her pride…
Despite her unfortunate experience on these types of rides, she may inadvertently have discovered a new form of live entertainment: zero gravity petting zoos!