This week we are talking about how to restyle your closet into fall outfits. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love shopping. However, this post is about restyling your favorite summer outfits into cozy fall weather ensembles so you don’t have to shop for new items.

What can and cannot be restyled for a new season? Honestly, almost anything can be restyled but it really comes down to your color palette. I like to leave my vibrant or pastel colors for spring and summer. Then move into a darker, warmer or muted toned color palette for fall.

The key is LAYERING

Finding ways to layer basics with your summer outfits will create new looks out of old clothes and it will allow you to dress warm in the 55 degree mornings and take off layers as it quickly turns 75 degrees by 1 pm. If you live in the Midwest I know you can relate to this.


Let’s tackle bottoms. Our summer dresses, shorts, and skirts can easily be layered up with tights or thigh high socks. You can add in pops of color and texture with your tights. My go to tights are from EXPRESS  because they are snag resistant and they hug your curves really nicely.


Next, let’s talk tank tops. Turtlenecks and Mock necks are back in this season so layering tanks over fitted T-shirts and long sleeves will be easy and cute! I like to have a few of these in basic colors so that I can pair it with other patterns easily.

mock top

Over sized sweaters, long dusters, denim jackets, professional blazers and cozy zip ups are all a MUST for creating fall outfits. Just how many sweaters should you have in your closet? As Cady Heron would say, “ The limit does not exist.”

Fall accessories are the icing on the cake for any look. A huge chunky scarf, a beanie, combat boots or the classic Sorel will transition any outfit to fall appropriate attire.

oversized beanies and scarves

So instead of falling victim to consumerism, first pull out your entire closet and start mix and matching up new outfits from what you already have.If you have to add a few things here and there then go for it! <3