You guys know I am a fulltime hairstylist and one of my favorite things to do is hair color! I live for a full transformation! Whether it is short or long hair I love diving deep into big hair projects. This week on the blog I am sharing with you some of my biggest hair transformations and showing you how I did it!

Extensions For Color

One way I work with extensions is adding them into hair projects to alter color. Most of the time we think about hair extensions aiding in length but a lot of time I use them to enhance color or achieve a hair color that maybe wasn’t possible for that client’s current hair.

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Extensions For Length

Adding length or thickness to hair with extensions is the most common reason we turn to extensions. I have had many clients come to me after doing a few too many DIY bleaching sessions at home and want me to “heal” their hair; Not possible. Once hair is lightened to a certain point the only thing left to do is to cut it off.

I always tell people, “If you are doing your hair yourself at home THAT’S OKAY! But be prepared for anything and that includes shaving your head.”


Vivid Colors

Vivid colors are some of my favorite transformations to do. If you couldn’t tell by my hair color history! Going to vivid colors is always a big process because ideally you want to have the hair at a toned level 9/10. The hardest thing about the vivid color category is finding clients who understand the time, skill and product that goes into creating a hair color that may only last them a month or so.


A Color Correction

What is a color correction? In my opinion it’s when I must strategically color every piece of your hair in multiple processes to correct mistakes done on the hair in order to achieve the desired outcome . Even if the hair doesn't have "mistakes" in it's history but requires me to do a complete 180 on the color wheel; it's pretty much a color correction. One thing about color corrections is each zone of the hair will probably need to be treated differently with different techniques and formulations. This is why a lot of stylists will choose hourly pricing for this service. Here are a few examples of a color correction service I have done:

I hope you guys enjoyed diving into my world of hair color and remember what I always say: “You can color your hair at home but be prepared for any outcome, because you MIGHT have to shave your head.”

Who knows, maybe shaving your head IS the transformation haircut you need! If you do end up shaving your head just know you’re still a bad bitch <3

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