Shopping in person lately is so hit or miss. Items may not be in stock or in general, the stores might not carry the style we are looking for. We are often pushed to shop online BUT have you ever been shopping online and saw an outfit you loved but when you received it in the mail it wasn’t at all like you expected?? The material was different or the sizing was off? BECAUSE SAME!
This week I’m doing a classic “What I ordered vs what I got” product review for you all.

Amazon workout sets

These have been trending so much lately but honestly NOT worth the hype or money. If you workout, I would invest in some better-quality options.




I had a lot of luck with the dresses I ordered. I ended up keeping all of them but once again medium to low quality when it comes to structure and material.


Pants vs Tops

When shopping online, I almost always have better luck with tops over pants. The sizing fit doesn't have to be as exact as it needs to be with denim or a structured dress pant.

Overall, things weren’t too bad. However, if I saw any of these items instore and tried them on, NONE OF THEM would’ve been purchased. I honestly feel like company’s have lowered their items quality because of this exact scenario; anyone else agree?!
My advice is if you’re shopping online, be ready to make some returns. Don’t be like me and keep things even though you don’t LOVE them. You work hard for your money, spend it wisely <3

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  1. Janise Best on March 21, 2022 at 7:00 am

    I just don’t order clothes online. It never works out!!! Love your message ❤️ You can make a burlap sac look good!!!