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I have had this on my list of topics for some time now. With the formula shortage I think it’s time to talk about it. The big debate in every mom Facebook group: Breast Feeding vs Formula. First of all let me say that I don’t know why we are taking opinions of strangers on the internet to heart. So many mom groups are breeding grounds for trolling and shaming other parents, but we can save that for another day. Let me educate you.
If you ask any physician, most will tell you breast feeding is better for your baby health wise. They claim breast feeding extends to lower infant deaths, higher IQs, less chances of cancer, better infant bonding etc. While these stats are based on some data you are not going to end up with a stupid, obese child who is always in the hospital and hates their parents if you don’t.
Some moms just like bonding with their child and that’s awesome. In other countries there isn’t safe water supplies for formula so it makes sense that breast feeding would be a plus. Also, in those countries you know what happens to babies who won’t latch? They die. What a lot of people don’t consider is that breastfeeding rates differ dramatically based on income, education and race. White, wealthy, educated women are much more likely to breast feed and for a longer period of time. When women in the family have to work to survive they have less time and opportunity to breastfeed. So, are the stats skewed? Is breastfeeding really the reason for smarter and healthier adults or is it based on their economic status and access to better healthcare and education?
Either way it’s your call, but you do not get to tell moms they are bad moms for doing either. I tried for six months and then stopped and guess what. I don’t have to explain why because it is no one’s business but mine and my child’s. You CAN just decide you don’t want to do it anymore and that’s completely ok. Don’t let someone tell you what to do with your body who most likely doesn’t even know your situation. Again, you are doing an AMAZING job and I am rooting for you. Keep pushing along mama. You’ve got this.

Talk soon,