Everything you need to know about lip products. Do you want a gloss? A liquid lipstick? Do you really need a lip liner?

We are talking about formulations and how to apply them with tips and tricks on getting that perfect lip shape!

Lip Prep

First, lip prep is KEY for you getting that picture perfect pout. So many people forget this then blame products for not performing. But you wouldn’t paint a surface outside without pressure washing it first, right??

Exfoliate and hydrate your lips.

Here are a few of my favorite lip prep products:


Next is deciding which formulation you want. Lip makeup can come in all different formulations. You can have a lip product that is a balm, gloss, cream,  liquid or even a powder! Which is the best? Well, it depends on the look you’re going for. Think about what your desired finish is; matte or glossy? And what your goal for the product is; you want it to protect and hydrate your lips or is it just for aesthetic purposes?

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Matte: no sheen, longer wear but can be drying

Satin:  medium sheen, hydrating and medium wear time.

Gloss: high shine, not long wearing but can be used in combo with other formulas.

Picking the right color

You are confused on shades and undertones that go with your skin tone? Join the club! This was the #1 question I would get when I worked at Sephora.

Some people only focus on this detail when choosing colors but I really believe in wearing whatever color you LIKE versus what “compliments” your skin tone. Look for models that have a similar skin tone and hair color as you if you want some inspiration. If you want your best color match, here are some helpful charts.


Do you need the matching lip liner or is that just an upsell?

 I am pro lip liner with all looks but you don’t need every color they try to sell you. Your lip liner doesn’t have to match exactly. It just has to be in the same color family as the lipstick you are pairing it with . I usually go for a liner 1-3 shades darker than my lipstick for a more contoured look. Think 90’s supermodel vibes.



Right now, the trend is a lip liner with a gloss over top. 3 years ago it was all matte liquid lipsticks.  10 years ago it was a frosted gloss. Trends come and go but you can wear any of these despite what’s “trendy” and still look FABULOUS.


Do you change your lip product based on the time of year?

You can! A lot of people shift their colors for fall/winter to deeper, richer tones while saving peachy, pink tones for summer but it’s totally a personal preference!


Should you be over lining your lips?

This is a trend that I think is staying because you can change your lip shape if you want to using this technique.

I am a fan of over lining, but you want to do it right!

1. Start in your cupids bow, draw an X.

2. Line under your bottom lip in the center.

3. Overdraw less as you travel the product to the corner of your mouth.

4. You can clean up the edges with a brush and micellar water or concealer.

I hope this gave you some more insight into the world of lip products and which ones are best for you. Remember, there are rules to makeup but they were made to be broken by your creativity <3