You are planning an epic Halloween costume but need to execute the makeup perfectly? Well, let me tell you, your $5 drugstore palette is probably not going to give you the Instagram worthy pops of color you want! This week we are talking about makeup items you need if you are going to be doing creative makeup.

body paint

Base Makeup

First, picking the right base is so key. Unfortunately, those inexpensive face paint kits at your pop-up Halloween shop are probably not going to cut it if you are doing a huge body paint moment.

My favorites are:

Detail Makeup

Water based face paint palettes are usually my go to for detail work. I also love collecting rainbow eyeshadow palettes. Morphe is an inexpensive brand that also has great pigment. Pro tip: Forget makeup brushes for the details and buy small brushes at a craft store.

detail creative makeup

Glitter & Gems

Glitter and gemstones will elevate your look SO MUCH; I promise. However, glitter is not safe ANYWHERE near your eyes despite what brands say, so BE CAREFUL. Cornea scratches are NO JOKE.

Glitter can be a little intimidating. Its messy, making it stick is a challenge and honestly beauty brands can over price it! I love to look for glitter at craft supply stores. There's even biodegradable options!


Lashes are the icing on the cake!

This is one area where some inexpensive options can totally work. I love stocking up on funky shapes and sizes during Halloween. One of my main tips on lashes is: don’t be afraid to cut them, stack them up or wear them on your lower lashes. The options are endless!

I hope this got your creative juices flowing for your Instagram worthy  halloween looks this season <3