The New Year is officially here!


I know, I know. Another manifestation blog? Yes!! Because seriously, it works. In 2021 I wrote about manifesting my goals by reflecting and organizing, 2022 the New year’s blog was goal setting with a vision board and for 2023 we are going to talk about scripting your manifestations!

How to script your journal:


  1. Determine your wants. Be specific.
  2. Write down affirmations. Repeat them.
  3. Write down your goals as if you are going to achieve them. Using phrases like " I will" or " I am" instead of "I wish".
  4. Be consistent.
  5. EMBODY the person you want to be. Do what that person would do and pick up their habits. Then that’s YOU!

I always joke about how I want to be the girl who wakes up early, goes to yoga, eats cleaner and is more knowledgeable about recycling. I CAN be that girl. I just choose not to most days (which is okay too if it is actually not a priority of mine).

But that girl can exist, and I can be that girl if I just do those things! It’s not about being motivated. It is just about being determined and having discipline.


You need to decide what is most important to you and  invest your time there . I hope you have the best 2023 <3

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