Whether you're a parent or not, most of us suffer from some sort of body image issue. I had terrible postpartum depression and lost a ton of weight after having Trent. When I could finally eat again I gained everything back plus some.

The truth is I had to learn to love myself just the way I am in order to take care of myself. It's almost spring time and people are talking about bikini bods. We have people on our social media shoving whatever supplement is trending in our faces.



We have a choice to make. Are you going to be healthy because you hate yourself or because you love yourself? You created a human life. That's INCREDIBLE! Going to the gym or starting a new fad diet because you hate yourself isn't sustainable and is terrible for your mental health. Go to the gym because you want to be strong and carry all those grocery bags in one trip. Eat healthy because you want to live a long life for your kids. Make healthy habits to show your children how to love themselves.


Stop criticizing yourself and start complimenting yourself. It can change your entire mindset. Tell the supplement and diet pushers to shove it. You are inspiring, incredible and beautiful the way you are.


<3 Bri