I was grocery shopping the other day when a lady approached me to compliment my hair. If you've seen me you know I have lime green in my hair. It's kind of become my signature trait. She then proceeding to tell me that she could never do something like that because she could never pull it off as a mom of four. Why though? Why do we assume as parents we have to look a certain way?

I think when we become parents we think we have to lose everything that makes us unique to "fit in" to the mom or dad stereotype. Let me tell you a couple reasons this is unhealthy. First, we are teaching our kids that being ourselves isn't enough. Second, we are losing who we are and watering ourselves down for what? So that Karen at Festival Foods doesn't make a snarky comment?

My friends are just as weird as us
My friends are just as weird as us

In a world full of people trying to water themselves down so they fit in, teach your kids to be authentically themselves from a young age. It starts with you. It can make or break their self esteem.

I used to be the girl who had a Live Laugh Love decal on her wall until one day I realized that wasn't me. Now my entire career is literally based on being an odd ball.


If you want to dye your hair vibrant colors just friggin dye your hair. If you want to do something different but are scared and the only thing holding you back is what people will think...DO IT! Happiness is so much more important than fitting in.

From one weirdo to another,

<3 Bri