Being a hairstylist, I have many roles. One of the biggest is for me to solve your hair problems. 9 times out of 10 my clients ask me how to create volume and texture in their hair because their curls or style never last! It is a conversation I have WEEKLY. So, I figured I would write it all out for you. From sharing my favorite products to my styling tips.

Products & Placement

Determine where you need volume. At your root, through the mid-section or more texture at the ends of your hair? Then, use products that target those areas.

Products for roots

Products for mids-ends


The haircut matters.

A blunt haircut will naturally have less movement and body than a layered textured cut. Ask your stylist to add layers!


People often say that damaged hair styles better.  I think saying “damaged” might be taking it a little too far. However, hair that has been chemically processed with permanent color or lightener DOES have more texture. Which can create more volume. So, if you have silky straight virgin hair that won’t hold a curl, putting in a few highlights might be the answer to your problem.


How you style your hair is going to play a huge role in creating volume and texture. Should you air dry or blow dry? BLOW DRY.  If you are washing your hair at night, air drying and expecting to wake up the next morning NOT with an oily scalp, you will be disappointed.

If you are looking to add more volume through your ends opt to curl your hair. You can see all my curling tips HERE.

While using any heat on your hair make sure you are using those thermal protectants.



Hot tools

To recap: Use the right products, maybe try a hair color and blow dry your hair. I hope this gave you a few more ways to switch up your hair routine to achieve your  B I G  hair goals <3