The summer heat is RISING and there is nothing I love more than chillin’ on my patio in a cute chair surrounded by my plants and animals while I sip a tasty beverage. This week I am sharing all my summer patio "must- haves!"

Plants and Accessories

Every year I try my hand at being a plant lady and decorating my patio is the perfect way to test my skills. Make sure you look for plants that match your deck's  sun exposure and are pet safe if you let your fur babies roam free.


Rugs, string lights, tables the list goes on and on. I found the CUTEST things on Amazon for you.



Whether you like a buzzy beverage or a mocktail here are some of my fav drinks to have in the sunshine!

So get out there, create a zen space for you to do yoga or chill with your best friends and enjoy the summer heat <3