Kids patiently wait for summer vacation all year, but it feels like after the first week they are bored. They've played the same games over and over and are driving you crazy by now I assume. We as parents don't get summer vacation. We still have to cook and clean and work just like every other time of year. Here are some hobbies for your kids to pick up this summer to keep themselves entertained.


Give your kids a reading list or have them create one themselves. I never thought in a million years that I could get my child to enjoy reading, but I learned that if they find a series they enjoy they can really get into it. Challenge them to finish a certain amount of books before summer vacation is over.


Pick Up a New Sport

Stay active by picking up a new sport! Go to the soccer field and kick a ball around or shoot some hoops at the park. Trent picked up skateboarding last year and it's his new favorite activity. Luckily, his dad lives next to a skate park so they get to frequent that pretty often.



Let your kids play in the dirt this summer. Gardening can be a super fun activity to keep kids busy and it will give them a boost of confidence when they get to watch something they planted grow. Have them grow some vegetables to incorporate into your meals this summer!


Learn to Play an Instrument

Summer time is the perfect time to learn something new. Enroll your kids into some music classes to learn whatever instrument they want. Learning an instrument at a young age can provide mental health benefits, as well as improve cognitive and physical abilities.


I hope some of these ideas keep you a little bit sane this summer!

<3 Bri