Getting a good workout in when you have a family can feel impossible sometimes. We as parents are constantly running around and doing things for other people. It's hard to get some time in for ourselves. You don't have to buy a gym membership or wake up at 5 am before the kids to get a workout in though! Here are some great ways to get the blood pumping without setting your entire life aside.


My son really got into skateboarding last year which was a win for me considering I love quad skating. It's super easy to convince him to want to go out and skate around when he also enjoys it. It's been a great way for us to bond as well as get some much needed workout time in!



It's summer so right now is the perfect time to drag your family to the beach or pool! Swimming is such good exercise and it's super easy on the joints. It won't even feel like you're getting a workout in.



Go on a nice nature walk! We love going to Hoffman Hills to hike up to the tower. Trent always makes a game of it and pretends we are Minecraft characters trying to reach the tower before nightfall when the zombies come out.



Instead of driving everywhere try biking! It will save you money on gas PLUS it'll keep you in shape. We were inspired by my brother in Colorado. He and his wife bike LITERALLY everywhere. Even in the winter. It's insane. I get that sometimes it's unrealistic but instead of driving to go get that ice cream cone, try biking there instead. Plus, it'll make the ice cream taste that much sweeter.


Stay safe and have fun!

<3 Bri