Parenting isn't easy. As hard as we try we will never be perfect. No matter how many blogs, forums or books we read we are still going to screw up and question our sanity. Here are some of the top things I wish I had known before becoming a parent.

You Might Not Bond Right Away

Everyone always tells you how amazing it is to become a mother. I was bombarded with tales of the oxytocin release after you give birth. I read somewhere that having an epidural could inhibit the release of the chemicals in your brain that help you bond with your baby so I chose not to get one. I did everything right, or so I thought. I suffered from terrible postpartum and no one could prepare me for that. I felt like an awful mother for not being able to bond with my baby, but it's not your fault.



Ignore What People Say About Milestones

I would stress myself out so much freaking out about how Trent wasn't talking, or walking or if he wasn't potty trained according to when parenting books said. They had him in speech therapy because they were convinced he wasn't talking as well as he should. He's nine now and turned out just fine. We drained ourselves trying to potty train him until one day he just potty trained himself when he was ready. Every child is different. I promise they'll probably be just fine if they aren't walking by ten months or aren't potty trained by two and a half.


You Might Change

No one tells you how much having a child changes you. Your morals and priorities tend to shift and that's ok. Change is normal in general, but especially after having children. Just make sure you aren't losing who you are in the process.


Don't Take Little Things For granted

It's incredible how happy I was just to have a hot coffee instead of one I had to re heat in the microwave 500 times. Uninterrupted conversations will become more rare. You won't have much time for yourself most days. But despite all of this, don't take for granted them needing you. Hang up those drawings on the refrigerator. Cherish all the hugs and kisses because you won't get them forever. They'll stop needing you less and less, but that means you've done your job.

Cheers to parenthood,

<3 Bri