You guys know I love bopping around music festivals during the summer. One thing that is hard for me to decide is how to style my hair. I'm Meg Ann Lee and this week I am sharing some of my favorite and fairly EASY ways to style your hair at your next music festival or concert!

Simple Braid

This is going to be the easiest style and your hair doesn’t have to be very long to achieve this. You can do 1, 2 or 4 different braids.

If you want to jazz it up you can add in colored extensions or a smaller variety of braids for details.

I love adding a hat or bandana for an accessory!

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3 Strand, Fishtail, Bubble and Rope Braids

The amount of creative styles you can do with hair is endless. Here are a couple helpful diagrams to get you started.


There are so many different types of braids but don't be discouraged. Start with the 3 strand braid and go up from there. Bubble braids are another cool style that's WAY easier than it looks.

My favorite thing to add into these types of styles is braiding hair. It comes in so many fun color combos, you can match it to any outfit.

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My Go To Festival Hair Products

I hope this inspired you to get creative with your hairstyle at your next concert or music festival <3