If you’re following hair color trends, you must have seen "Cowboy Copper" pop up on your social media. This week I’m sharing with you what Cowboy Copper is and I’m breaking down some of my favorite formulas to achieve this color.

What is Cowboy Copper?

First, let’s describe “Cowboy Copper” and why we coined this term. In the simplest of terms Cowboy Copper is a warm copper/red brown. These color trends are open to interpretation because it’s just a made-up name to entertain you. Recycling trends and coming up with catchy new names is THE WAY. The way to keep consumers interested and keep you spending your money.

Second, reds and coppers are high maintenance because these colors tend to fade fast and need to be refreshed more often. However, reds often stain your hair and are hard to remove completely, IYKYK. If you are blonde… please consider your choices before diving into this trend! If you want to be red this fall, be ready to only achieve a warm blonde this spring. It’s a process coming back from red. My recommendation is to choose a lighter demi permanent formula if you’re going to go for this look!

Third, let’s chat formulas. If you’re a hairstylist you already know you can’t copy and paste formulas and get the same color on two different heads (if you don’t know that, go back to studying more color theory). BUT sharing formulas is a great way to see examples of what COULD BE created in similar situations.

Cowboy Copper can be redder or more copper, but the BASE is brown. We are looking at colors closer to the center of the color wheel, which houses the muted tones, versus the outer section of the color wheel that houses more vibrant colors. If you like learning about color, follow me on TikTok where I do hair color breakdowns!


Formulas (Redken Shades eq)

Lastly, here are a few of my fav Cowboy Copper combos:


I hope this gave you some more insight on the Cowboy Copper trend <3