As a hairstylist and makeup artist, I do my fair share of working events like weddings or photoshoots. If you are hiring a hairstylist for your wedding or a makeup artist for a photoshoot, there’s a lot of work that occurs before the big day like shopping for supplies, condensing, sanitizing, and creating a mobile work area. Today, I'm showing you behind the scenes of me prepping for a wedding, answering commonly asked questions and products you need if you are building a pro kit.

Common questions

Should I bring my own makeup?

No. However, I ALWAYS tell clients if they are extremely sensitive or have a product they LOVE and want to include it in their look, bring it and we can use it.

Should I bring an inspo photo?

Yes! But fun fact, I see like the same 5 photos on repeat.  Most makeup artists have a few "go- to" makeup looks. When picking an inspiration photo, find one that looks like you! Same skin tone, eye color ect because a golden bronzey foundation look WILL NOT look the same on a very light, pink under toned individual.

Is there a travel fee?

Yes. The amount is different for all professionals. Some will have a base rate or charge per mile they have to travel. A travel fee should also cover the time it takes them to prep their kit.

Will my lipstick last all night?

No, unless you are not eating or drinking the rest of the day.  A matte will last longer but IMO a satin finish is superior. I always recommend bringing a lip product to touch up throughout your night. You can see my lipstick breakdown here!

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Are you a beauty professional who is just starting to build a pro kit? Below are some of my favorite items. You can see the full list HERE.