Hey everyone, it’s Meg Ann Lee. I don’t know about you guys but watching YouTubers ( and filming YouTube videos IYKYK) was a huge thing I was into 8-10 years ago. Every now and then I pick this habit up again when I’m looking for inspiration, trying to learn about a new topic or am simply bored with my regular social scrolling. This week I’m sharing my current binge worthy favorites with you.

Jade Beason

Are you starting a business?  Trying to work on your content creation? Or wanting to grow your social media? Check out this channel for all the content tips! Plus her accent is everything.

Giggly Squad

If you’re a girl’s girl who likes to discuss current events, trends and make jokes about literally EVERYTHING, check out the Giggly Squad.

They have episodes that come out weekly and you can also catch them on apple podcasts.

Talitha Jane

The definition of “Baddie Under God”. She gives you style advice, bible verses and real life talks in her Vlogs.

Helen Anderson

If you are looking for edgy clothing hauls, everyday mental health chats, and consistent content check out Helen’s Vlog channel!

Grab a snack, a beverage and hop into a YouTube binge session! I hope this gives you some new and exciting content to binge watch this fall <3