Happy Mothers Day! It’s time to give back to the one who birthed you, raised you or filled the big shoes that ARE motherhood. I am bringing you guys a last-minute gift guide for any mothers in your life.

Gift giving is a very personal thing. I like to break down gift items into categories based on personality types. So I broke down some common "motherly" traits for you to see which gifts would fit your mom best.

If this holiday snuck up on you and you are in need of  last-minute gift ideas keep reading!

A mom with a green thumb

If you know me, I’m not a mom myself so the only way I give “life” back to my parents is giving them plants! So grab a few plants from your local garden center and pair them with some plant accessories. Here are some cool plant accessories for your mom:

The book worm mom

A nice lighthearted break from the craziness that IS motherhood is in order. Some moms love a hard copy book but kindles are also a great space saver! I’m a kindle kind of gal. Check out my recent post about getting back into reading  here.

Here are a few gift suggestions:


The self-care mom

Does your mom love a relaxing self-care day but never makes time for herself? Grab her a gift card to her favorite salon or spa. One thing mom’s usually do is put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. With this gift she will definitely feel the love!


A kitchen queen who is always entertaining

A mom who likes to entertain can never have too many kitchen gadgets right? Oh, and wine. Don't forget the wine.

Here are a few ideas:

A sentimental mom

Homemade cards or crafts are always a win for parents. I swear my mom would keep drawings or homemade cards on the refrigerator forever. Writing her a letter about how much she means to you is PRICELESS.


To all the moms out there: Thank you for all that you have done, are doing and will do in the future. We wouldn’t be here without your love, support and wisdom <3