Have you ever started your makeup and things just aren’t layering right? Your primer and your foundation are just NOT cooperating! What does your primer even do? Do you need a primer?? This week we are talking about a few different types of primers and if you really need them!


Types of primers

Primers come in all different formulations to help people, with different skin types, create a good base for makeup applications. Primers can be mattifying, hydrating, illuminating or act as a color corrector. Make sure to use a primer that works well with your foundation type. If your foundation is water based, you don’t want to choose a silicone based primer. You can read more about picking out your perfect foundation in this previous post!


Here are some of my favorite primers:

Mattifying for oil control

Hydrating for dry or mature skin

Illuminating for a dewy finish

Color Correcting for uneven skin tones

Are they a must?

This really depends on if you are having issues with your makeup applications. I 100% think that if you haven’t tried a primer that it will change your makeup game for the better. However, if your makeup is lasting and your having no issues, less is more in my book!

Skincare or Primer?

Both. If you haven't figured out a skincare regimen no worries! Check out a few of my previous posts all about skincare :

I hope this gives you a little more insight to the world of primers. My personal favorite is an illuminating primer because we love TO GLOW! But if you are experiencing dryness, unevenness or a problem with makeup lasting, make sure you try one of the recommendations above and focus on your skincare routine <3