Do you change your makeup routine based on the season? You MAY want to start. See what I did there? This week I’m sharing how to transition your winter makeup routine into a lighter regimen for spring  & summer. I also included my May makeup favorites and why they should be in your spring beauty routine. All products are linked <3


If your skin or texture seems to change season to season, THIS post is for you. In the winter, the air is often less humid and more dry. This time of year, you are going to want to add all the hydration and trap that moisture in. If you haven’t been “slugging” in the winter, catch up HERE.

In the summer we have that extra humidity, and our skin naturally produces more oil. Because of that, our skin needs a different routine. We shouldn’t expect our products to work the same in different environments.

Here are a few easy switch up's you can do to update your makeup bag this spring:


Soft Pink Feminine Open Makeup Studio Flyer Potrait (Instagram Post (Square))

5 Things to Remember When Doing Your Spring Makeup


This should be a 24/7 365 step in your routine, but it needs to be repeated. My fav this past month has been Dermalogica!

Pick a Lightweight Foundation

Switch out your regular foundation for a lightweight formula or something that doubles as a moisturizer. Auric is my favorite out of this category.

Get Glowy

Utilize that extra oil! The number one thing I always get asked about is how to achieve  “natural” makeup looks . The key is keeping it GLOWY. You want your skin to look like skin. This starts with your skincare at home and using a lighter foundation like a BB cream or an illuminating primer. You can read how to prep for a makeup application here.

My secret weapon in ALL makeup looks is the liquid highlight from Rare Beauty. It's top notch.

Powders Over Creams

You know I’m a cream makeup gal 100% BUT if you are a slick oily little otter in the summer and your MAIN goal is the longevity of your makeup, a powder blush or bronzer might hold better for you throughout the day than a cream. Nars blushes are amazing and always in my makeup bag.


Less Is More

The best way to keep it minimal is to pick two things from each category. An example for your eye routine might usually be shadows, glitter, eye liner, mascara, and lashes. Instead, pick a shadow and mascara or liner and lashes. For your skin? You might usually do foundation, concealer, blush, contour, bronzer, and highlighter. Instead, pick a concealer and bronzer or a contour and highlight. If you need more tips on less is more, check out my skinimalism post and my summer makeup post !

I hope this gave you some makeup inspiration for spring routine <3