Hey everyone, its Meg Ann Lee and this week it is all about the Eyebrows!

Being in the cosmetology field, I do my fair share of eyebrow waxing. With it, I get so many questions about eyebrow do's and dont's and what are the right shapes and which products are the best. I am sharing my go to brow routines for each different brow category. Yes, even if you over plucked your brows in the 90s and can’t get them to grow back, this blog post is still for you!

First, each person’s brow routine will be different based on their natural brows and their personal brow goals. Next, let’s break down the brow categories.

Thick Bushy Brows

This IMO is the best brow to have because you have the MOST options when it comes to creating a shape you want. However, since you are creating it, you will have the most work to maintain it.

The Routine:

Lamination, trim & wax.

Minimal makeup. Like seriously, just a clear brow gel and you’re set!

Medium Naturally Shaped Brows

This brow category is the easiest if you like how your brows grow in naturally. However, if you want more BROW DRAMA then you’re going to have to work for it in your makeup routine.

The Routine:

Lamination, wax, & tint. For makeup I love a brow pencil and building brow gel for this type of brow. I fall into this brow category and it’s the lowest maintenance because you actually don’t have to do anything, and your brows probably look good.

Thin or Over Plucked Brows

If you over plucked and just can’t get your brows back don’t worry! There is hope. I love an eyebrow hair growth serum but it’s not MAGIC it’s for “enhancing”. It’s not going to completely change your brows and once you stop using it… the hair growth stops. I HIGHLY recommend permanent makeup if you are set on a shape. If you love changing your brow shape based on TRENDS (like me) then PMU might not be the best option. There are a ton of great PMU artists in our area!

The Routine:

PMU & wax.

Permanent makeup will make this SO easy. All you have to do is wax any of your natural brow hair that doesn’t match the shape you chose.  Please do your research on who is doing your brows before you let them tattoo your face. If you don’t choose the permanent makeup route, I recommend building up your brows with a few makeup products. The key is to create a little texture with long lasting products.

If you need to know more about Brow Lamination check THIS post out!

My fav brow products:

 I hope this helps you figure out which brow category you are in and how to  create the perfect brow routine <3