I hear so many women joke that we use about 15 products compared to a man’s 2-3 products while getting ready. Where are our duos or 3 in 1 beauty products? I'm Meg Ann Lee and I am here to give you tips on condensing your beauty routine and sharing my favorite multipurpose items with you.

First, products don’t have a gender and you ACTUALLY can use any product you like, no matter who it is marketed for. I think this is one of the biggest marketing scams in the beauty industry. If you like the color or smell of a 3 in 1 men's body wash product, it doesn’t matter which gender it is marketed for, you can buy it.

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Now, let's condense your makeup bag and shorten your getting ready time!

Learn How to Use the Products

One way to turn your 10's of products into just a few is to forget what they are marketed FOR and figure out HOW they work. A concealer is just foundation with more pigment. A tinted moisturizer is pretty much skincare with a little pigment. You can seriously mix and match cream products wherever you want.

If you’ve read my blog before you know this is one reason, I love Seint makeup. Their cream bronzers, highlighters and blushes are my fav and an essential in my MUA kit.

You can shop Seint makeup with me HERE!

Lip and Cheek Tints

This is an easy way to condense 2 products into 1. Here are some of my favorite colors!

BYO Palettes

There are so many great palette option across all brands. You can buy them pre made or create your own! You can build your own palette with me HERE. My one tip is try not to mix powders and creams in the same palette.

 If you are on the go, these are a perfect option. An inner corner eye highlight can also be a cheek highlight. A bronzer can also be your eye shadow. Get creative and CONDENSE IT BABE!

Here are some of my favorite palettes:

Duo Sticks

I LOVE a beauty stick. It can be contour and highlight or blush and lips there are so many combos.

Stop Layering

Makeup routines have tripled in steps over the years. One tip to keep your makeup lighter is to stop layering and start targeting. You don't need to layer foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and contour. Have you seen those makeup tutorials where people apply dots of their makeup on specific areas of the face, then blend it in together? They are targeting not layering the products.


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Coconut Oil IS The Answer

Truly, coconut oil is a holy grail beauty product. Use it instead of lotion, shaving cream, moisturizer, and as a makeup remover.

This might sound crazy but my coconut oil beauty tip is to STOP towel drying your body off after your shower. Instead scoop a little oil and LOCK that moisture IN. Air dry for the softest skin of your life.

I hope this inspires you to go through all your products, ditch what you don’t need and condense your beauty routine <3