I thought it was perfect timing to discuss makeup removers considering Halloween is just around the corner! Some of those Halloween looks can get messy and leave your skin stained for DAYS; and that’s not a look! I am here to help you prevent that from happening. The first half depends on the makeup you’re choosing. You can see my top choices for creative makeup here. The second half is all about your makeup removers.

Before we get started let’s talk about the difference between removing makeup and cleansing your skin. Step one: removing makeup. Step two:  your cleansing skincare regimen. Now, some of these removers I’m suggesting double as a cleanser, but I would still cleanse with your facewash once all your makeup is gone-zo! You can check out my fav skincare items here.

First, I want to mention Makeup Erasers. These are my favorite for my everyday makeup removal. They take away all your makeup with JUST WATER! How? A Makeup Eraser is specially knitted with a polyester/silk fiber that is finer than human hair. Those small fibers act almost like a "suction" to lift out impurities from your pores. They are vegan, cruelty free and come in all sizes and colors. However, if you are taking off full, face paint Halloween makeup you might want to start with my suggestions below.

Now, let's take off our makeup!


One of my favorite oils to use is coconut oil. It is simple and clean. However, this can totally clog your pores! So, if you’re removing makeup with this, make sure to use an actual cleanser or face wash after. If you are using this as a moisturizer, please stop. I would 100% avoid this method of makeup removal if you have acne prone skin.

Micellar Water

When I discovered this, my makeup removal process changed! Micellar water contains “micelles” which are like tiny balls of cleansing oil suspended in soft water.  This is great for people with dry and sensitive skin because it is so gentle and hydrating.  I think this is my favorite method!

Cleansing Balms

I love a cleansing balm! This is great if you are taking off heavier, full coverage makeup. Most cleansing balms can double as a cleanser. It is also a great step one in a double cleansing regimen, which is how I use it.

Cleansing balms are great for all skin types: dry, normal, oily, and sensitive. My biggest advice is to check the ingredients! Some cleansing balms use coconut oil and as I mentioned above, that can clog your pores. Instead, look for a lighter oil in their ingredients like soybean or sunflower seed oils.

I hope this helps you strip away all your creative makeup looks and gives you some more insight on what you should be using on your skin <3