Hey everyone, It's Meg Ann Lee . I asked you guys on my Instagram what you wanted to see this month on the blog and the MOST voted topic was hair styling tips. Now, I have already done this many times on the blog BUT I’ll keep doing it if you guys continue having questions.

First, I want to say that this is a broad topic because of hair texture, face shape, length of hair and hair goals. With that being said most of these tips can be used across multiple hair textures and lengths. Here are my top 10 hair styling tips!

1. Practice.

The first time you try any new style you probably aren’t going to ace it. Don’t get discouraged.

2. Dirty hair is easier to style IF it’s not too oily.

There is a sweet spot here because dirty hair can sometime be harder to style than clean hair. It can easily get heavy and lose it's shape. If your hair is  oily? Opt for a slicked back pony or bun; think clean girl aesthetic. Fresh and dry? Opt for a textured curl or blowout style.


3. Don’t sleep on rollers

No seriously, velcro or plastic rollers in the am can boost the volume up in your ‘do without the pain of sleeping on them overnight. These are a great option to pop in your crown area while you finish picking out your outfit or doing your makeup.

4. To perm or not?

If you’re looking for bouncy, shiny tousled curls SKIP the perm. As a stylist who focuses on color and blonding services I don’t even offer perms. IMO permanently changing the color of your hair AND its texture is too much. Can it be done? Sure! I just don’t like the outcome.

5. Always finish with a shine spray or oil.

Ever wonder how the “after hair” photos from stylists shine and almost glow? It’s natural, indirect lighting and shine products. You can also add a shine treatment into your shampoo routine. Here are some of my favs:

6. Wear more braids.

Braids have been known as a protective style for a long time, but it doesn’t just have to be for curly and kinky hair. The 2023 fashion week went in hard with featuring intricate braided styles on the runway. Can’t braid? (Refer to tip No.1). As your working on your skills try out some faux braid styles! There are so many cute ponytail tricks that can look like a braid.

7. Change your part.

I know this is a hard thing for most people but it’s a great way to slightly alter your style without the commitment of a cut or color change. The older millennials will be happy to hear the deep side part took the stage at 2023FW.

8. Buy the tools

You CAN do your own blowouts at home. You just need the right tools.

9. The COOL DOWN in your styling is the key for it lasting.

Let your heat style sit 5-20 min before brushing it or using finishing products.


One thing I’ve learned from my years behind the chair is that people are so hard on themselves about their hair. My friends, it is just hair and it should be fun.

Play with your hair color, texture, and style but never let your hair become a point of insecurity. We live in a world where you can create new styles, try different trends, and change the way you look often, have fun with it <3

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