Meg Ann Lee: Fall Fashion Must Haves

October 18, 2020

Besides the leaves changing, pumpkin carving & over priced seasonal coffee drinks, one of my favorite things about fall is layering up my wardrobe! So…

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Meg Ann Lee: Rare Beauty

October 11, 2020

Let’s talk makeup. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of products; How do we choose? One thing I like to do is read about…

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Meg Ann Lee: Beginner Halloween Makeup

October 4, 2020

Beginner Halloween Makeup Spooky Season is here and to kick off October I’m starting out with a beginner Halloween makeup tutorial! Deciding what to be…

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Meg Ann Lee: Trendy Nails on a Budget

September 22, 2020

Trendy Nails on a Budget Okay you guys, who here has been a victim of overspending on your nail game? via GIPHY Don’t get me…

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About Meg Ann Lee

September 17, 2020

Hi, I’m Meg. I’m here at 95.9JAMZ to share all my beauty tips, fashion trends and Midwestern lifestyle details with you! I’m a Wisconsin Girl…

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School Shopping

August 10, 2022

It’s about that time of year again. The time where kids are crying and parents are rejoicing everywhere. You know what I’m talking about. Back…

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Date Ideas

August 3, 2022

Scheduling time for dates is so important in any relationship, especially with kids. Dates can make you feel human again. It can respark your relationship…

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Blending Your Family

July 27, 2022

Taking the next step in a relationship is scary and exciting. It’s a rush of emotions; good and bad. When you have kids involved it’s…

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Working Out

July 20, 2022

Making time to work out when you have kids is nearly impossible. I know I can barely find a babysitter to have a night out,…

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Mental Health

July 13, 2022

When you become a parent a lot of things get put on the back burner: your career, your friends, your alone time. You get the…

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